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IST General Ledger is a complete set of tools you need to smoothly manage your organization. With IST General Ledger, you guarantee stability and reliability of your financial system. As we elaborate on all the details of business needs, we can say that each and every bit of the end user requirements is well covered, in a very simple manner.

Cash and checks details are captured and maintained; suppliers or employees payments can be either cash or through bank, Recipes from customers or other income can be either though bank, Debit and credit notes are entered for adjustment, Cash vouchers, Receipt vouchers, Cashier reports, Receipt check and Payment vouchers.

IST Accounts Payable is an elective accounts payable system helps enterprises pay their vendors on time and take maximum advantage of discounts. It also allows buyers to consolidate supplier pay notes in order to minimize back-end processing costs and create an accurate picture of buying schedules, vendor performance, and dependence on organization, tight integration with other systems is extremely advantageous.
A choice of payment methods for each vendor-check adds an extra measure of flexibility, and multi-currency features expand your vendor options to include global suppliers.

Accounts Receivable Supports the user with almost all the required functionality to manage the Receivable activities, set active collecting policies and follow up on Receivable notes and cheques (received from customers, deposited in banks, under collection, recognized by banks or refused... etc). It also provides valuable reports that serve the company's requirements and the management decision cycle. The user can define multiple receiving methods. When navigating through the system you can discover that we covered all the details of the business needs to support the receivables cycle as well as the decision makers.

Fixed assets management helps you gain insight to make better decision and put assets to the best use within your enterprises by enabling you to quickly and accurately record, track, depreciate, and analyze your companies' assets. Asset details, Asset's Value re-evaluations, Asset's value direct link with GL, Asset depreciation accumulated value and Assets general reports.

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