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Outsourcing services

IST offers qualified, highly experienced and specialized key experts who are devoted to cover a variety of services and achieve company’s assignments in all fields, we offer project managers, technical engineers, administrative staff, HR Specialists, instructors, secretaries, couriers, help desk, field engineers,..etc) to our customers whether they are inside or outside Egypt based on man/month.
Through our multilingual, skilled, and loyal workforce with considerable experience over all management systems, our team is equipped to introduce effective outsourcing services.
IST outsourcing offers a cost-effective yet risk-adverse alternative. The low cost of high quality talent is also a feature of us, as we provide highly talented employees in different fields at the most proper cost.

IST customers have two options

1. Dedicated team of professionals work at IST facilities

2. Dedicated teams of professionals work in Client's facility, inside or outside Egypt.

IST Outsourcing Services Standards:

- IST provides dedicated professionals to work in your facility, and achieve your company's required assignment.
- IST provides highly qualified, English speaking professionals.
- IST provides high quality of work that complies with international standards.
- IST provides highly efficient and effective operation and support staff.
- IST provides to supply the client with replacement in case of providing justified reasons for rejection during the first month of the services, all costs endorsed due is covered by IST.
- IST provides professionals that have the flexibility to accommodate the changing demands of the clients.

Outsourcing, why Egypt?

Egypt is positioning itself as one of the leading outsourcing locations, providing services for many countries. The Egyptians are well-known for the outsourcing services as Egypt has a highly qualified and English speaking workforce of professionals who have played a significant role in the success of assignments worldwide.
Its track record is impressive, with a number of the world’s leading companies already benefiting from Egypt’s unique mix of strengths.
Egypt, the compensation cost for employees in Egypt, is lower than in most other locations significantly. Egypt is a leader in the Middle East and the Gulf region. Around about twenty universities that vary from governmental, private international universities. Most of them are accredited worldwide due to the high standards in choosing their students.
These universities are highly efficient and professional as they graduate more than twenty-five thousand students per year.

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